arc & artists.

Artists are essential to The Arc Theatre’s process. There is a reason why we include artists as a part of our mission: as artists ourselves, it is our goal to facilitate and celebrate artistic growth in the rehearsal room while maintaining respect for the artist’s time, talent and energy. In order to achieve these goals we follow the following policies:

  • Auditions will be as streamlined and efficient as we can make them. We do everything possible to schedule a delay between generals and callbacks in order to accommodate the actors’ scheduling needs. We will contact every actor who auditions as soon as possible with results of the audition.
  • We hope that artists enjoy attending our performances.  You may receive non-audition-related emails from time to time.  If you have auditioned for us and would like to be added/removed from our (very few) marketing emails, please send an email to  We just appreciate your support.
  • We appreciate the quality of work our artists put in to our productions, and we do our best to pay them whenever possible. Artist pay is built into our budget and is the first place money goes when it comes in excess.
  • We value the artist as an individual. How you work in the room is more important than how you fit into a pre-conceived idea of the production. Casting requires a delicate balance between many factors. Know that when you work with us, your hard work is remembered and treasured.
  • We know that artists traditionally sacrifice funds to do what they love. We also know that supporting art is essential to maintaining a thriving artistic community.  We do everything in our power to offer industry discounts and affordable ticket pricing so everyone can enjoy our productions, and we also work hard to invite patrons from outside the artistic community to join us as audience members for our shows in addition to our artist friends and colleagues.

Our artist/company relationship is essential and constantly evolving. We strive to create productions that are shaped by a truthful and specific focus within which the artist can create and shape their role. Each show has its own challenges – we keep growing. Grow with us.