the arc thanks.

The Arc has many amazing sponsors that make our vital and provocative art possible.  Our most sincere thanks goes out to:


Tom and Christine Burns, Tom and Cathy Boergers, Teddy Boone, Sr., John and Brooke Cardarella, Christine Wiseman, Harry Warner, Shannon Gallagher, GE Healthcare, Nuveen Investments, Robert and Stephanie Denby, Richard and Cheri Sallee, Connie Tischauser, Laura Brunk, Virginia and James Dick, Thomas McCarthy

arc 2014-2015 supporters

Theater Red- Marcee and Christopher Elst, Mckenzie Chinn, Karin Boergers, Stacie Piccinich, Sarah Nedwek, Ali Hoy, Kevin Burns, Leta Kolvenbach, Tom and Judy Saeger, Dick and Lorna Lovett, Mary Flynn, Ellyn Sisser, Chad Devine, Anthea L. Bojar, John Thomas Flynn, Dustyn Martincich, Alyssa Banotai, David McBride, Zack Florent, Phylis and Michael Gremillion, John and Susan Davidson, Luke Smithner, Lucas Smithner, Chad Devine, Joanne Reich, Rick Stoneham, John Fitzsimmons, Kathleen Flynn, Christine Warner, Cleon Boone

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