oedipus rex.

Oedipus RexOedPCWEB
Directed and conceived by: Mark Boergers
Assistant Director/ Design Head: Cailin Short
Stage Manager: Corinne Bass
Dramaturgy: Diego Bàez
Lighting Designer: Jordan Kardasz
Co-Lighting Designer/ME:  Jason Hiett
Sound Designer: Matthew Reich
Costume Design/Movement: The Good Night Ladies
Movement Direction: Dustyn Martincich
Fight Choreography: Chris Rickett

Cast (in order of appearance):
Lana Smithner: Chorus Leader
Jessica Marks: Chorus (Teiresias)
Eve Rydberg: Chorus (Shepherd)
Aislinn Kerchaert: Chorus (Messenger)
Teddy Boone: Kreon
Aram Monisoff: Oedipus
Lucy Sandy: Jocasta

Directed and conceived by Artistic Director Mark Boergers, with collaboration from The Good Night Ladies, The Arc Theatre’s Oedipus Rex is a bold re-telling of the story rooted in the degredation of society and  sexuality, resulting in a world of prostitution and sexual transaction. The setting is urban – where the glut of technology becomes no longer financially supported, and the laws of nature begin their slow progress back to the forefront.

This is our Thebes.

The Arc’s emergent show outside of three successful years at Shakespeare on the Ridge; Oedipus Rex is a dangerous, sexy and fast-paced greek tragedy as only The Arc can tell it.  Some of the most provocative new artists in Chicago make up the cast and crew that will bring this dystopia to life for four weekends this winter.

Oedipus Rex performed February 14 – March 9, 2013 at Chemically Imbalanced Theatre

“impressively creative re-imagining of classic Greek tragedy”- Joy Campbell, Chicago Theater Beat
“Provocative and Penetrating”- Marissa Oberlander, Chicago Reader


Marketing Photos by Matthew Avignone, Production Photos By Jason Hiett

Oedipus Rex was a proud member of CHICAGO THEATRE WEEK, 2013:


The Arc was proud to collaborate with The Good Night Ladies artist collective on OEDIPUS REX.

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