arc in the press.

The Arc has been lauded in the press, and people are talking about us!  Here are some selected quotes about The Arc.


Mark Boergers’ production is naturally vital, creatively insistent and so perfect for today’s audiences. His direction is crisp and flawless, especially when coupled with Dustyn Martincich’s dynamic, highly-synchronized movement that opens the play and resumes as the stage is reset for each scene” Highly Recommended – Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

” this production from Arc Theatre feels surprisingly relevant and modern, especially due to Dustyn Martincich’s almost industrial movement work and a highly texturized set with three-dimensional birds—a paper flock hunting in vain for a place to roost.” Recommended –  Chloe Riley, Chicago Reader

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“Arc’s best work yet”- Shawn Jones, Evanston Roundtable

“Four Stars, Highly Recommended”- Chicago Theater Beat

Directed by Mark Boergers.….the performance sticks mostly to the play’s comic roots. But as has come to be expected from Arc, the production manages to find ways to accentuate the unexpected – this time finding elements of melancholy and pathos within Shakespeare’s text.” -Shawn Jones, Evanston Roundtable

“wonderful performances, a deft execution of one of the world’s most famous comedies, and the chance to pack a picnic and enjoy it with others out on the park’s lawn – what more could one ask for?”- Anuja Vaidya, Chicago Theater Beat

“As with each of the four shows to date, Teddy Boone, one of the founding members of Arc, is the highlight of the show….Each year, Mr. Boone seems to get even better.” – Shawn Jones, Evanston Roundtable

“Maria, Natalie Sallee, who was exceptional as the Nurse in last year’s Romeo and Juliet and is exceptional once again here.”-Shawn Jones, Evanston Roundtable

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“Well done, Arc.  Welcome to Chicago”- Joy Campbell, Chicago Theater Beat

“Provocative and penetrating, the first show of [The] Arc Theatre’s first full season transports Sophocles’s tragedy to a dystopian future in which the city of Thebes is overrun by drugs and prostitution.” – Marissa Oberlander, Chicago Reader

“Creates a sense of timelessness where ancient and industrial merge, and it works very well. Kudos to director Mark Boergers for a concept that reinforces Sophocles’ amazing script rather than competes with it.” – Joy Campbell, Chicago Theater Beat

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“Arc Theatre has done it again!” – Evanston Roundtable

” Mercutio, played brilliantly by Teddy Boone.… steals the show. Funny, Philosophical and Ribald, Mercutio always facinates. Mr. Boone, a founding member of the Arc Theater Company and its casting director, brings Mercutio to life” – Shawn Jones, Evanston Roundtable

“The Nurse, played with wit and venom by Arc newcomer Natalie Sallee….Given the text, and her complex and thought-provoking interactions with her charge, Juliet, the Nurse often surprises. Ms. Sallee does a fine job following the emotional course set by the text. Her interaction with Mr. Boone, brief though it was, caused everyone to perk up and listen.” -Shawn Jones, Evanston Roundtable

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“Is this really free?” – Evanston roundtable

The Merry Wives of Windsor” was even better, as Arc has become only more confident, more competent and more assured” – Shawn Jones, Evanston Roundtable

Bridget Haight as Mistress Page and Megan Kohl as Mistress Ford. Each showed a distinct personality while swatting away the advances of Falstaff in embarassing and uproarious ways” – Shawn Jones, Evanston Roundtable

“Particularly hilarious was Teddy Boone (last year’s equally funny Bottom) as Doctor Caius, whose affected French accent alone made the show worth seeing.” -Shawn Jones, Evanston Roundtable

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“Inaugural Play a Hit in Ridgeville” – Pioneer Press

“The Park District has determined that because of the success of this year’s production, Shakespeare in the Park will become an annual tradition.” – Gary Taylor (managing editor), Pioneer Press

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