arciTEXT 2016


arciTEXT, our 4th annual short works festival, kicks off our season with exciting new work exploring this season’s theme of “The Prodigal Daughter.”  This year, ariTEXT expands to three nights and 15 shows, with a selection of 10 pieces presented each night.

Each year, The Arc challenges the Chicago Artist Community to come up with original new works inspired by a literary theme taking any and all liberties.  The Arc curates a symposium of some of the most provocative artists in Chicago to facilitate an intriguing discussion of our featured theme. arciTEXT is a fun, casual evening of cocktails and commiseration and all are invited to the conversation.

arciTEXT ’16 will take place at “The Frontier” at 1106 Thorndale off the Thorndale Red Line stop 

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday April 10-12th
Doors open at 6:30pm, Show at 7:30pm
Admission is $15 CASH ONLY and includes a complimentary beverage*

CLICK HERE for arciTEXT 2016 Online Playbill 

arciTEXT 2016 Directors Laura Elleseg, Aaron Arbiter, Kanome Jones, Matt Super, Daniel Sappington, Esteban Arevelo Ibanez, JD Caudill, Katrina Dion, Lexi Saunders, Conner Wilson, Sommer Austin, James Flemming, Bradley Bartolo, Chris Thoren, Brent Eickhoff

arciTEXT 2016 Playwrights Jose T. Nateras III, Lew Wallace, Patrick McLean, Susan Lieberman, Michael Allen Harris, Dianne Sposito, Josh Mattingly, Dustin Whitehead, Casey Morris, Spencer Davis, Joseff Stevenson, Emily Terrell, Evan Cullinan, Sarah Hecht and Diego Baez, Brandon Tessers

arciTEXT 2015 Actors Selene Perez, Joe Galizia, Jenny Guy, Kristi Parker Barnhart, Izis Mollinedo, Julia MacMillan, Kelly Levander, Rachel Cunningham, Will Green, Jaren Merrell, Jaime Falu, Drew Johnson, Shannon Leigh Webber, Laura Elleseg, Sam Haynie, Rashaad Hall, Jeremy Pfaff, Chris Daly, Olivia Doherty, Warren Wernick, Vahishta Vafadari, Eliza Fichter, Elise Spoerlein, Maggie Ward, Sydney Germaine, Kate Jacobsen, Jim Gallanis, Sheila Landhal, Nick Dorado, Lizzie Schwarzrock, Kenya Hall, Cory David Williamson, Millie Rose, Emily Green, Guy Wicke, Caitlin Cavannaugh, Tamara Chambers, Maryann Carlson

questions? email our director of new works, Natalie Sallee at

*complimentary beverage ticket provided with sign-up for our email list