It Was All a Dream: Top Girls on the Move

In getting started with “Top Girls”, I was really enamored with the directorial pretense that some if not all of the narrative elements of this play could exist, actually, in Marlene’s own subconscious, and that the audience can glimpse into that subconscious that permeates her dreams. The fact that Churchill opens this nonlinear play with … More It Was All a Dream: Top Girls on the Move

Wanna be on top?

I used to spend endless hours binge watching America’s Next Top Model (ANTM). I’m a big fan of competition shows; it’s a guilty pleasure. Reality TV has provided many women with the opportunity to compete for something they weren’t able to achieve otherwise. This is progressive, in a way, presenting womens talents for America to … More Wanna be on top?

Glass arciTEXTure

On arciTEXT 2014, from Artistic Director Mark Boergers…. Sitting around a dining room table, reading aloud all of our submissions for arciTEXT 2014, I became amazed at the power of theatrical interpretation to both create, challenge and expand dialogue on any number of topics.  In a world where most of our “conversation” comes in the … More Glass arciTEXTure