about the arc.

Misson. The Arc Theatre utilizes the specific talents of intelligent artists in order to creatively present honest stories; productions which, by their nature, are germane to and appreciated by a diverse and modern audience. 

More. The Arc Theatre produces work that originates from various periods and genres in order to explore the specific themes or characters that reappear throughout all human experience. The Arc mines common themes from seemingly unrelated stories to reveal new conclusions about the ever-present “arc” in all of us. Generating process from the archetypal stories that reach accross all time periods, locations and ethnic backgrounds, The Arc’s resulting productions illuminate story and relationships in a non-traditional way. The Arc’s shows are derived utilizing artistic process from the rich and diverse Chicago Theatre Community, utilizing professionalism, creativity and polish to produce shows that consistently outperform our budget.

Story. The Arc Theatre was founded in 2010 by three soon-to-be-graduates of The Theatre School at DePaul University. Based on the training received from such a rigorous conservatory program, The Arc was founded to facilitate and illuminate the work of theatre artists through processes and productions that both respect their work and connect to the audience.

Based on Artistic Director Mark Boergers’ work with Jane Brody’s “Myth and Archetypes” acting class, The Arc Theatre uses archetypal stories, characters, and relationships as the genesis for each production, thus seeking to connect to audience on a basic human level. The Arc begins each production process from a place of archetypal awareness in order to feed and nurture deep audience connection. These archetypes activate an immediate connection to history and experience – informing all elements of production.

Video Credit: Freelance Videographer, Janie Killips.

The Arc champions three tenets of storytelling: Origin, Story, and Artist. Through focusing on these tenets, we create visceral theatrical experiences for both audience and artist.