Oedipus Artist Spotlight: Cailin Short

67641_4712866711407_295372019_nThe world of Oedipus would be little more than an empty space without the multi-talented Cailin Short.  A founding member of The Arc Theatre, Cailin served as Design Head for this production; designing and constructing the set and collaborating with The Good Night Ladies on costume concept and construction, as well as creating the informative lobby display with Dramaturg Diego Baez.  In her “free time”, she also assisted Mark Boergers in directing the show.  Cailin’s personal style and intriguing aesthetic are all over the sexy, provocative and spiritual world of Oedipus Rex.  A little more about herself and her concepts from Cailin herself: 

Cailin Short is a freelance artist that has been living in Chicago for six years. As an act of compulsion Cailin has gathered a mired of natural and industrial objects from all over the city to incorporate into her artistic projects. Gathered materials include, shells and glass scavenged from the lake shore, bizarre scraps of metal and wood primarily collected from the Fulton Market district, and a never ending supply of flora and fauna, picked from her neighborhood (our yours) and preserved in her stairwell. These materials and more have found their way into the set for Oedipus Rex which Cailin has Designed.
A little about the Scenic Design:
Since the stage space we have to work with is not the largest, I wanted to keep the design as simple as possible so as not to photo-3overwhelm the piece. As we have moved forward through the process, it has become necessary to explore what elements of this world hold value, and what (if any) remain from our existing value scale. With the fall of technology, we figure a return to ritual practice and a naturalistic living is a logical progression for the inhabitants of our world. Where the royals value logic and the relics of the fallen age, the chorus of cult hetaeras (sacred prostitutes) has adapted. They have rediscovered a sacred relationship with the gods. With this in mind the primary focus of our set is a shrine to Apollo, where the chorus reigns. Since Apollo is the god of light and the sun, the alter is decorated with a mosaic of found objects strategically placed to capture the light to honor him. The chorus sets the value of the new age, as much of the symbolism in the costumes is mirrored on the set.
Cailin Short is a founding member of The Arc Theatre where she serves as the company’s Head of Design. Previous production credits with The Arc include, Romeo and Juliet, Merry Wives of Windsor, and Midsummer Night’s Dream. As with every production through The Arc, Cailin is proud to be working with the talented forces that have made this show possible. Cailin wishes to send a special thank you to her friends and family for their support, THANK YOU!