Oedipus Artist Spotlight- Natalie Frederick

-4The process of bringing Oedipus Rex to life has introduced The Arc to amazing Artists of many mediums from all over the country. Our Design head, Cailin Short and The Good Night Ladies enlisted the expertise and craft of the amazing Natalie Frederick of Collection Pulls to create custom corset pieces and jewlery for the performers of Oedipus Rex.  Her work deepens the world of Oedipus Rex, where industry and technology have become no longer viable and our sacred prostitutes rule the world outside the city gates.  We couldn’t me more excited to have her!  A little bit on Natalie’s process from Natalie herself: 

When I was approached to do the costumes for Oedipus it was a no brainer. They had seen my jewelry line and wanted to carry the same raw industrial, post-world aesthetic that my line already embodied. But what they did not know was that while in high school I was always a member of the costume team on our school productions. While never having constructed the costumes before, it was a freeing experience getting to use a different medium for expression. Costume design was something I had always dreamed about doing professionally and so it was like getting to live out a part of my dream creating these costumes. Although this production was not the Hollywood sized film I always dreamed about, I did turn to cinema to draw inspiration. I found myself watching a lot of Mad Max while thinking also in Waterworld style and drawing from other blockbusters such as Troy and even 300. I wanted each costume to have an individual style and representation based upon each character, something more than just a shirt or a necklace to put on. I carry these ideals into my own jewelry line where I create with intention and character rather than just trying to make something that will look good or be popular. I am very grateful to have been involved in the Oedipus production and look forward to many more collaborations within the theatrical world. But in the mean time I will be proactively furthering my jewelry line which can be found at www.etsy.com/shop/CollectionPulls or follow the blog at https://collectionpulls.wordpress.com/.

Collection Pulls is an underground jewelry line that blends interesting vintage finds with handmade adornments and raw earth elements. Driven by a lifetime commitment to becoming a professional friendship bracelet maker, Collection Pulls joined Chicago’s street festival circuit this past summer. Not satisfied with just one outlet, Collection Pulls has also been featured on the runway at Chicago Fashion Week and can be found in many Chicago boutiques. With it’s first on-stage appearance, Collection Pulls looks forward to an active year pushing the envelope as to how far one jewelry line can go.