Oedipus Artist Spotlight- The Good Night Ladies


The Good Night Ladies- Design, Movement, Performance

The Arc is collaborating closely with The Good Night Ladies artist collective on the provocative production of Oedipus Rex. The ladies have been a part of both sides of the production, as they are also performing in the piece.  These multi-talented women are an integral part in bringing the sexy, urban and dangerous feel to our dystopian vision.  They have been particularly focused on the costumes and styling of the production from our sacred prostitute chorus to the king himself.  From The Good Night Ladies: 

When conceptualizing the costumes for Oedipus Rex, we strted out by imagining a world in which industry had failed.  What would that world look like, feel like, smell like?  We began to think about the ways that the higher classes would differ from the lower classes, and how that would be presented aesthetically.  In scouring the text it began to seem clear that the ruling classes were holding on to the old ways, OedipusRenderingdenying the gods and embraing the technical aspects of a world that collapsed on itself due to these technologies.  The lower classes, represented here by the chorus, clearly embrace the metaphysical and natural aspects of existence, holding onlto ritual and using it to guide them in action and in dress.  In a nutshell, the costume design boils down to two distinctive worlds, TRIBALISM vs. INDUSTRY, with accents of each within each other, akin to the yin and yang.

About The Good Night Ladies:

The Good Night Ladies is a collective committed to empowering female
artists by producing outstanding works by women in a variety of media.
GNL was founded by Jessica Marks and Eve Rydberg, who met while
studying at The Theatre School at DePaul University. They have
produced several large scale events, including the bi-yearly
female arts show case ‘VAGINA’ and ‘CUT: An Evening of Short Films’.
They have also produced and directed the short films “Sunday Morning”
and “The Long Walk to Forever”, created and performed their own
Anti-Burlesque act, and directed new pieces by up and coming
playwrights Calamity West, Shannon McKenna and Caitlin

Upcoming projects include The 2013 Ladies Empowerment Project, a
female ensemble based play to be devised over the next 6 months with
playwright Elyse Cowles, curating the performance art and theatre
portion of the annual Sex Show at Co Pro in May, and an exciting
documentary directed by Irene Marquette-Eckstien
in which the Ladies take their mothers to Paris.

Through these endeavors they continue their crusade to encourage women
to produce their own work and cultivate their creative identities.